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The month of May is packed with lots of surprises from the Nigerian movie industry, and one film Nollywood is looking up to is “BUSTED”.

Featuring Liz Benson, I.K Ugbonna, Paul Obazele, Lisa Onu, Kate Henshaw, Brian Okwara, Tony Umez, and Chika Okpara, “Busted” packs the star power to keep the cinemas swarmed this year.



The the film tells the story of head of a seemingly perfect home, Mr. Edward, who wishes his only daughter, Queen, grows up into a responsible adult. His only son left home years ago without a word to anyone. Now, with just Queen, he’ll do anything and everything to keep her away from any perceived distractions, especially boys.

When he finds out she is getting close to a particular boy in her school, he moves her to an all-girls school. This decision is one that opens a new chapter for the young and naive Queen.

Queen’s mum, meanwhile, is caught up in her personal activities and her role in the home front is virtually taken over by the house help, Ada. Ada goes the extra mile and makes an effort to combine giving a confused Queen the love of a father as well as the attention of a mother. How well Ada combines these roles is left to be seen in the life of Queen in years to come.

As she grows into a woman, unknown to her parents, Queen has a different understanding of life and has taken to a new lifestyle. She eventually meets the love of her life, Blessing, another beautiful young lady of like minds.

Unfortunately for the lovers, Nigeria passes laws against same sex relationships and marriage in the country. Ignoring their religious beliefs and what the society thinks of them, the law becomes their tussle leading to a true test of their love.

Busted is produced by Lisa Onu, the Executive Producer is Ifeanyinwa Face Ikuku and it is Directed by Pat Oghre and Damijo Efe-Young. Get ready for a roller-coaster experience, as Busted premieres and starts showing across Nigeria cinemas in May 2017.


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